Tips and Tricks


What you need to know about Titanium

Titanium is a  hypoallergenic metal. Nevertheless, titanium "writes" on glass, china or ceramics. If you have a titanium ring or other object, be carerul when you manipulate glasses, dishes, or when you touch the windscreen. While your objects will not be "scratched" titanium deposits a fine layer of metal that looks like a scratch. 


Caring for White Gold

White gold is an alloy made of 750 parts of fine gold (Au) and 250 parts of palladium (Pd). The présence of palladium brings the "white" to the gold which, as a pure metal (24-carat gold) has an intense yellow color. This is why as time passess the white gold has a tendancy to recover its yellow color and therefore takes progressively a dull, greyish shade. In order to stabilize the white color of the gold, it can be soaked in a Rhodium (Rh) bath. This operation, called "rhodiage", shall be repeated at regular intervals to maintain the beautiful white shine of a jewel. 


Caring for silver "Milanese" bracelets and rings

Over time and beind worn often, the milanese bracelets and rings can become "clogged". The main culprits are our cosmetics and food remains. To clean a milanese bracelet or ring, take an old toothbrush and use an abrasive toothpaste mixed with any standard dishwashing liquid. Rub between the slitches to clean your bracelet or ring.  


After-sales service for "Milanese" rings

We guarantee since 25 years an after-sales service our milanese rings, produced in our Carouge workshop. The aim of this service is to enable for exemple to someboldy who has gained or lost weight and whose fingers have become thinner or thicker to adapt the ring to his/her new fingersize. This service can also vary depending the general state of the ring. Starting from 70.- CHF.


Changing the color of GaluchArt rings, earrings or bracelets

All "GaluchArt" jewels made of silver can be coloured as many times as wished using nail polish. Do refrain from colouring the other  "GaluchArt" jewels in gold, titanium the bejewelled version, set with diamonds, sapphires ou rubies. Here are 6 steps to colour a silver ring :